Monday, May 25, 2009

Cussed Out, Rained Out, But Still a Winner

He was cussed out by Tony Stewart and washed out by rainfall, but in the end, a win is a win.

And David Reutimann will take it.

Although a Cup victory for Reutimann in 2009 isn't a big surprise, the fact that he won this particular race is. Listening to pre-race coverage, Hendrick Motorsports was supposed to dominate, Ryan Newman was pegged to give Stewart-Haas its first points win, or Kasey Kahne was a shoe-in to repeat last year's victory. And early on, it looked like The House of Gibbs had the whole shebang locked up as Kyle Busch quickly drove away from the field.

Tony Stewart clearly thought Reutimann didn't have a shot. During one of the rain delays, he walked over to the #00 Toyota and accused Reutimann of racing like a Nationwide driver. It was a re-emergence of the Stewart we all know and love. And things got even more heated when one of Rudy's crew decided to take Smoke on mid-tirade.

But racing fortunes can turn on a dime, and the fates do not always favor the fastest car, the quickest pit crew or the most aggressive driver. Sometimes, a victory boils down to a gutsy strategy and a little bit of weather.

And that's fine by Reutimann.

"When you envision yourself winning your first Sprint Cup race, you envision it different," Reutimann said. "But it's so hard to win these deals, we'll take it any way we can."

Not only is this a career milestone for Reutimann, it's also the first victory for Michael Waltrip Racing. To put it politely, until the first few races of 2009, nobody would have given MWR a snowball's chance in hell of winning a Cup race.

My, oh my, what a difference a year makes! Wonder what Stewart thinks about that?

Note From NASCAR-ista: For all you Tweeps in the NASCAR universe, David Reutimann does not have a Twitter account, per the communications office at Michael Waltrip Racing. Yes, there is a guy who claims to be Reutimann on Twitter, but he's a phony.

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  1. I don't have strong feelings about David Reutimann or Tony Stewart, but I think that something needs to be pointed out: While Stewart has the right, if not the obligation, to correct young driver's, he should never do so in front of anyone else. To chastise Reutimann in front of his crew was out of line.

  2. I think that in a race hwere it is obvious that weather most likely will play a huge role, racing hard early is just like racing hard to stay on the lead lap. Reutimann did the absolute right thing in this case ! Sure most of the time if it is early you let faster cars go on by, but not in this case or if you are fighting to stay on lead lap, so Tony Stewart is guilty of not thinking things thru or showing any foresight. EVERY position counts when rain is in the forecast

  3. Smoke damn near got what he so richly deserves.....a good "thumping" by the bald 00 crewman !!

  4. When a race is not completed due to rain, they should revert back to the last green lap leader for the winner.