Saturday, May 16, 2009

"Who Wouldda Thunk It?" Only Anyone Who's Been Paying Attention...

Tony Stewart smoked the All-Star race Saturday night taking the #14 car to Victory Lane for the first time since making the switch from driver to driver/owner.

But seriously...was it really that much of a surprise? Darrell Waltrip and the folks on Speed TV seemed to think so. Waltrip even seemed mildly shocked that his personal Mini-Me Kyle Busch didn't leave the track with a runaway victory. "Who Woulda Thunk It?," was DW's exact quote, when Stewart crossed the finish line first.

Actually Darrell, all of us who have been monitoring Stewart-Haas' continued improvement over the last several races "thunk it" indeed. With the kind of progress Stewart-Haas has been making and the talented moxy that Stewart possesses, we all knew it was just a matter of time before he took the checkered flag in 2009.

Stewart's performance Saturday night was a welcome reminder that Rowdy isn't the only driver in the field who knows how to handle a stock car. From Stewart's almost-pass-in-the-grass to his slick moves late in the race, it's clear that Stewart's still got it--and he's got it in spades.


  1. I think waltrip needs to adopt real sons he has had junior and bush up his you know what he can"t see the mountain for the trees.and Mark Martin is a shock. really the shock is one way anouncers no room in my Nascar,good riddence

  2. I think DW sees so much of himself in Busch that he tends to get over-excited about his every move. I agree, he needs to tone it down and be a bit more even-handed.

  3. Fox announcers are like in-law relatives who over extend their stay. Come Daytona time in Febuary, you're happy to see them, but by Charlotte in May, it's like "Why haven't they left yet"?

  4. Guys, Let DW know who your driver is and then when he raves about him, ya all can be happy. Who do you want him to rave about, Dave Blaney? Derrick Cope?? They talk about who's popular and who's winning races. Watch some of the old races and see why DW is excited about Kyle. He's the first driver to put excitement back in racing since we lost Dale. Last night was the most I have enjoyed watching a race in over 8 years BECAUSE of the racing.

  5. I've never thought/ saw/ hear any favoritism in Fox's announcers. And I LOVE them. Come the NBC time of year, I hate the announers, the graphics... I like Digger, but thought the Digger Cam and a few tee shirts was enough. The cartoon, was too much! The only advantage NBC has over Fox is rock music instead of country!!!