Sunday, May 31, 2009

Johnson Shows Why He's the Champ

There was a point in the Autism Speaks 400 when everyone thought the #48 team had given the race away, like so many cans of English peas at a Thanksgiving food drive.

After a miscue amongst its tire changers, the Lowe's Chevy suffered through a lengthy pit stop and forked over eight spots, exiting the pits in a miserable 9th position. And with only 30-some laps to go and a heap of lapped cars in the way, it looked like the fastest car at Dover would go home winless. Commentator Darrell Waltrip even said that Johnson might catch the leaders, but he'd never beat them...there simply wasn't enough time.

But Waltrip and race fans ought to know by now--never ever count out Jimmie Johnson.

In a super-fast ride with four fresh tires, Johnson swept through the field like a wildfire in August, picking off cars, gaining momentum and leaving stunned viewers in his wake. Then, to top off this lesson in late-race showmanship, Johnson ran side-by-side with Tony Stewart, eventually edging out Smoke for the win.

After the race, even Stewart admitted that Johnson deserves this victory hands down, "The fastest car won today."

And for Johnson, this impressive win is just another trophy on his shelf--and one more mile marker on his way to a history-making championship season.

Photo caption: Johnson gets ready for his appearance on Speed TV's Victory Lane, courtesy of @kylepetty on Twitter.

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