Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Kahne's Secret to the 600? A Tasty Pit Stop

The Coca-Cola 600 is the longest race of the season. And when the drivers climb out of their cars after the checkered flag waves, they usually look a little sweaty, often disgruntled and plain tuckered out. But other than a daily workout routine, is there anything a driver can do to better endure the 200 mph marathon at Lowe's Motor Speedway?

Well, according to Kasey Kahne, going the distance at Lowe's could be as simple as partaking of a little light refreshment mid-race, "When Ray was still around, he passed me in, I forget what it was, a Power Bar, some type of bar during one of the cautions about halfway through the race. First year I got it, I put it aside, I didn't feel like eating. And the second year he said, 'Just try it, just do it.' And I ate it, and it was night and day how much better I felt for the next 100, for the final 100 miles of the race. And so I think, yeah, having something there, 400 miles in or so, plus the water and the Gatorade and the things you're drinking throughout the races really helps just being in the car for five and a half hours."

In fact, Kahne said keeping himself nutritionally fueled up plays a big part in the entire team making the right adjustments to the car. "To be able to keep up with the race track and your race car by making the right adjustments throughout the race is key. And I think if you feel better and are comfortable and giving the right feedback, everything will get better. So, yeah, having something on one of those pit stops isn't a bad idea."

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