Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stewart and Reutimann Ain't Got Nuthin' on These Cats

The rain-delay altercation between Tony Stewart and David Reutimann got a lot of press this week (this blog included). But when you think about it in terms of jaw-dropping excitement, it was about as thrilling as watching a tree grow. Compared to the more physical exchanges the sport has seen over the years, Monday's little skirmish was pretty darn tame.

In recent years, there's been Kevin Harvick and Juan Pablo Montoya, Kevin Harvick and Carl Edwards, a helmet-throwing Tony Raines, and of course Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Hamilton Jr. doubleteaming Landon Cassill in a hillbilly display of temper and choice fingers. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

So sit back, relax and relive some of those high-drama feuds. Stewart and Reutimann look like nuns compared to this bunch:

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  1. GREAT compilation ... sigh ... there hasn't been a scuffle of any magntiude in the Sprint Cup series in a couple of years ... No more throwing helmets at cars or ripping the the mesh off windows to get to a driver. I guess our drivers have all been reigned in by their corporate entities. Instead of fights, drivers toss their alloted two cookies at each other. Once day maybe all that restrained testosterone will have a chance to bubble over. Digger might get group-stomped, deep-fried and his pelt fashioned into a hat for Smoke.