Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Yee Haw! Martin's Back in 2010

Not that there was ever any doubt, but I wanted to let out a rebel yell when I heard today's official news that Mark Martin will return for a full Sprint Cup season in 2010.

But seriously, how could he not come back full-time? The guy's fifteenth in the points, been on the poll multiple times this year and then there was this teensy little victory at Phoenix. When you get down to the sugar and the shonuff, Martin is currently driving miles better than guys half his age. And at the races I've been to, he gets just as many cheers from the fans as Dale Earnhardt Jr.

In fact, it's increasingly hard to believe that Mark "The Kid" Martin almost retired from motorsports for good a couple years ago. NASCAR fans owe a huge debt of gratitude to team owner Rick Hendrick for convincing Martin to get back into a stock car full time.

Said Martin, "I'm in the best condition of my life, I'm recharged ... going to the racetrack every weekend is still really fun, and that's the key."

I'm glad he's still having fun. Because there are legions of fans out there who are still having fun watching him.

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