Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Think With Your Dipstick, Jimmie!

Oh, Jimmie J! What were you thinking?

Last week you were so pretty. You had that shock of wavy hair which makes the girls swoon. That rugged bit of facial growth that says "Yes, I may be dreamy, but I'm also chock full of testosterone." You were the cover boy of NASCAR--a Mr. Darcy in a firesuit.

So what on earth possessed you to go and get your head buzzed? I know your intentions were good, as you told us in your teleconference today:

"I was at a friend’s house for a barbecue on Sunday. And his kids thought – there was a bunch of neighborhood kids they thought it would be a great idea to shave our heads. And one of the fathers agreed to do it. Then once he pulled it off, he started harassing me to shave my head and the kids were there and they wanted to do it so bad. And I let them shave my head. So it was funny. Got some great photos and the kids all had a great laugh. Kids like four years old up to seven or eight."

That's all fine and dandy, but what about us? Sigh.

Sure, your hair will grow back in a couple weeks. And perhaps your new 'do will make you a bit more aerodynamic.

But next time Jimmie, do this fan a favor and try thinking with your dipstick--or at least consult a stylist.


  1. I just saw the yourdipstick.com commercial. What's going on lately? This
    commercial shows violence. Some sick-o will watch this and come out swinging at innocent people. PLEASE take this stupid comm'l off the air.

    Thank You.
    I am watching ESPN American Tractor Pullers Assn.

  2. The synthetic oil ad showing the little man whipping people with a dipstick is TOTALLY disgusting--Untill now we've had no recourse but to turn it off ASAP--now, at Bonniville Speed Week, we can get the word out to boycot your products on a grander scale until this barbaric ad is gone--sincerely Carl Loren--Speed Week drivers and timers vice- chairman emaritus'

  3. stupid dumb violent ad. i don't use castol and sure won't be using it as long as this ad is running....